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There are two Job Poll jobs that always need to be set up.

1. Sage 100 Attachment Sync/Sage 300 Attachment Sync:

This job poll creates the link on the paperclip in Sage.









Click here to learn how to set up the Attachment Sync Job Poll.

2. DB Backup:

The DB Backup job poll job may be one of the most important jobs that should be set up. This job backs up the Sage Paperless SQL database to a defined location. This is important because a SQL database is a live, running system, and it cannot be backed up by other means. The backup file produced by this job should be saved with other data/file backups in a safe and secure place. The Sage Paperless Construction system is comprised of SQL data and file data. Backing up both parts are critical to data safety in case the server crashes or has a catastrophic failure.

Click here to learn how to set up the DB Backup Job Poll.

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