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At times, you may come across a large number of images (i.e. job photos) or documents that you want to index into Sage Paperless and all of the images or documents have the same index value. For example, the images are job photos all from the same job and week ending date. Perhaps you choose to scan your AP checks and they are all from the same bank account and same date.  You may also choose to bring in AP invoices from before you implemented Sage Paperless AP Flow.  The Mass Document Indexer was designed to make it faster for you to index these groups of images.

The Mass Document Indexer can be accessed on the Capture Tab
by clicking this button on the toolbar:









1. Click the green plus  button to bring up the file selection dialog box.  Choose your files by using the shift click method, and press the OK button.  The files you have selected will be listed in the grid to the left of the screen as shown above.  Clicking on a file name will show a preview of the document to the right.

2. If you want to “copy” the selected images into Sage Paperless and keep the originals in their current location, check the Preserve Original Images checkbox.  If the box is not checked, Sage Paperless will move the images into Sage Paperless as they are indexed.

3. Choose the document type that you wish to index the files as in Sage Paperless.

4. Fill in the required index values in the bottom grid.  For “common” index values, check the “Session Default” checkbox to the right of the index value column.  This will cause the entered index value to be put on all images.  As you click on an image name in the Image List column, the index values that will be posted are shown.  If individual index values are needed, enter them on the desired image.

5. Click the index button to index the images into Sage Paperless. This utility can be used for ANY document type.  You may want to use it to upload legacy documents that you already have stored on your network.


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