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Did you know that your Sage 300 CRE software comes preloaded with a vendor known as “ONETIME”?

It is setup as a SUMMARY vendor type.

A “Summary” vendor is a pre-defined vendor type used to accommodate vendors that you pay only once or infrequently.  For example, you might be involved in a unique project where you are using vendors that you normally would not.  Knowing that you will not be using these vendors in the future, you can use the same Summary Vendor ID to pay each one.  As another example, you can setup a summary vendor for, say, your annual charity donations.  Doing so manages your vendor master file by eliminating its cluttering with infrequently used vendors.

If you choose to use one ID for all summary vendors, leave the address blank.  When you select the summary vendor ID during invoice entry, the Summary Vendor Information window opens and allows you to enter the name and address for the vendor associated with this invoice.  

The information about this vendor is stored on this invoice and will print on the check when the invoice is paid.

To research the vendor names for those invoices input using a summary vendor, just add the record “Summary Payee Name” from the AP Invoice file to your Report or Inquiry, as follows:

A final point.  Since you can pay multiple vendors using the same Summary vendor ID, keep in mind that the totals the system accumulates for the Summary vendor ID may include more than one vendor’s totals.

For this reason, you should not use a Summary vendor ID for any vendor that should receive a 1099 Form.

In summary (pardon the pun), use Summary Vendors whenever you need to pay an infrequently used vendor rather than adding them to your AP Vendor Master file.

As always, should you need any further assistance with summary vendors, please call your United Solutions, Inc. consultant.

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