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One of the many features in the Project Management module (PJ) that can improve document preparation productivity is located in the Change Management tab in the Setup>Job screen.

This tab allows you to preset contact names which will prefill the Change Request and Change Order forms, by job, whenever they are created.  Also, this tab allows you to setup any and all markups, add-ons, and/or taxes.

In this example, the job was set up with an “OH&P markup of 10 and 5”.  A common phrase in the general contracting environment, this allows the GC to markup job cost with a 10% factor for Overhead (OH) and then add on a 5% factor for Profit (P).  As you can see above, four columns need to be modified:

  • Type (a dropdown box appears):   Choose “Percentage”.
  • Description:  Enter the description of the markup.
  • Price/Percent:  Enter the percentage to be used.
  • Cmlt (Cumulate):  This is an option, which if selected, allows the contractor to calculate the 5% profit on total job cost PLUS the 10% overhead.

Now, when you create Owner Change Requests (for use in Change Orders), these percentage factors will prefill on the Change Request workflow screen and automatically calculate the markup.  You no longer have to manually complete that lower grid with the job’s markups/add-ons.

As always, should you need any further assistance with either of these two tips and tricks, please call your United Solutions, Inc. consultant.


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