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Go to Setup>Jobs.

If you are interested in tracking the receipt of standard documents that are required for each of your construction projects (for example: Signed Contract, Building Permit, Sales Tax Exemption documentation, Bond, etc.), Sage 300 CRE provides 12 Checklist boxes within the Job Cost (JC) Job Setup window.

This feature becomes even more meaningful after you change the label of these checkboxes to the specific document you need to track.  Surprisingly, this edit is NOT located in File>Company Settings>Custom Descriptions, which was discussed in our April Tip and Trick.  To modify the checklist name, simply click on the Pencil icon located in the upper right hand corner of the Job Setup screen.

An edit text window opens (not shown) which allows you to relabel the Checklist.

Please note that these changes are UNIVERSAL.  Once you customize a Checklist label, the new description will appear on ALL Job Setup windows, prospectively as well as retroactively.


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