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For many clients, January means “year-end closing” – time to count things.  Whether it’s cash, inventory, W2 forms needed for printing or even net income, Accounting Departments are very active this time of year quantifying stuff.

In one of my recent assignments, I was reminded of a function that comes within the Report Designer (“RD”) module and is located in System Fields:  COUNTER.

These system fields are used to keep a running count of a selected record or group of records based on print controls that you specify.

For example, in the report shown above, which generates a list of employees, their addresses and phone numbers, we would like to incrementally number the rows to get a head count.  All you need to do is to add “Counter 1 Increment” and “Counter 1 Display” to row of detail.

Here is what the report looks like:

There are five numbered groups of Counter Increment, Counter Display and Counter Clear fields that display in the System Fields list that can be used in combination to allow you to track running counts for one or more records.  The Counter Clear function is used when you need to reset your count, for example, when you need to count invoices by vendor.

In the next example, using AP Open Invoices, the vendors will be counted, the invoices per vendor will be counted (requiring a reset or “clear”) and the total invoices for the report will be counted (BONUS:  using the ACOUNT function in a formula):

And the results:

So there you have it – a tip and trick to count things in your Sage 300 CRE Report Designer reports.

As always, should you need any further assistance with archiving your data, please call your United Solutions, Inc. consultant.

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