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If you are on Version 21.2 or higher, you can now email statements directly to clients and jobs.

1. To start, specify default statement email addresses for clients and jobs:

a) To specify statement email addresses for clients: use the Statement Email field under the Other Addresses tab in the 3-6 Receivable Clients window.
b) To specify statement email addresses for jobs: use the Statement Email field under the Contacts and Personnel tab in the 3-5 Jobs window.
c) Specify the email address from which you are sending the statements: In the 3-4 Statements window, click Options > Statement Email Settings, and then enter the email address and mail server information for sending the statements.

2. To email a statement to a client:

a) In the 3-4 Statements report printing window, on the Report Criteria tab – select the type of statement and the report form to use for the statements.
b) In the Job Type and Job# boxes, specify ranges of job types and job numbers for which to print statements.
c) Select the check boxes for any statement options you want to use.
d) On the toolbar, click the Email or the Outlook button, depending on the email client you use.
e) If at least one of the statements in the range of statements you are printing is associated with a statement email address—through the client or the job—
Sage 100 Contractor displays the Statement Variables window.

3. Fill in the following information in the Statement Variables window:

a) In the Statement Date box, type the date of the statement (for example, the end date of the statement period).
b) In the Name on Statement box, type your name.
c) If you want to use these settings as the default in future, select the Save email settings as default check box.

4. Change the Subject, Message, and Attachment Name entries, as needed.
Important: The first time this window appears, the default Subject and Attachment Name are Billing Statement, and the default Message is “See attached billing statement.” These entries cannot be blank!

a) Click OK

b) At the message listing the recipients who will receive emailed statements, click [Yes].

c) If a message appears asking you to select an email profile, select your email profile, and then click [OK].

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