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The Sage 300 Attachment Sync job poll job adds attachment records to your Sage 300 CRE database to link records to SPC documents. You must first select the Sage 300 CRE tables that you want attachments added to. See Attachment Sync Configuration in the Help menu.










Enter the following items:

Job Name – Give the job a meaningful name.

Job Type – Select Sage 300 Attachment Sync from the job type dropdown list.

Description – type in a description for your job.

Active– check the Active checkbox to mark the job as “Active”.

Schedule – choose how often you want to run the job (Every minute, hour, week, month, year).

Schedule Job to run – depending on the schedule type, choose when you want the job to run. The example shown above will run once a day at midnight.

Beginning/Ending – you can set a beginning date and ending date to run the job.

Email on Success – check this box and enter an email address to send an email if the job is successful.

Email on Failure – check this box and enter an email address to send an email if the job fails.

Base Path – enter the UNC path where you want the SPC .pvSync files to reside. This path must be a UNC path so that all users can access the path from within the Sage 300 CRE program.

Reset Paths – set this setting to True ONLY if you are moving the path to the .pvsync files set in the Base Path field. The normal setting is False.

3. Click the OK button to save the job.
4. On the Sage Paperless Server Dashboard, click the Poll Service tab and make sure that your Job Poll Service is installed and running. If not, your job will not run.

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