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Distribution & Manufacturing Accounting Solutions

Distribution & Manufacturing

Distribution & Manufacturing

Too often, business owners and financial staff are chained to accounting systems that are limited in their functionality. Financial professionals rely on Sage for its integrated accounting systems to automate, streamline, and extend control across payables, payroll, job costing, profit analysis, variance tracking, and more.

Accounting Challenges

Always running out of stock, or overstocked.

Software that provides full visibility into quantity on hand, committed to orders, and available to ship. Providing additional insight into your inventory looking not only for overstocked items, but forecasting items that will likely increase in demand such as seasonal or cyclical items.

Trimming costs to ship goods.

An intelligent shipping solution brings automation to “rate shopping” by choosing for you the lowest cost shipper for a particular package size and weight, to a particular destination.  Having an address correction service available, insures that your packages have the proper address as recognized by the US Postal Service.

Inefficient or Inaccurate order fulfillment.

Software with radio frequency barcode technology helps ensure shipping and receiving accuracy and allows for more rapid order fulfillment. With directed pick and put away, routing can be automated, reducing the time it takes to pull or receive an order, and reduces wear and tear on your equipment and workforce.

Disparate business management systems

Sage 300 is the backbone for many businesses, extending from core accounting to inventory management and outward to tightly integrated systems that manage Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Webstore/eCommerce, credit card payments, and sales tax reporting. Sage 300 offers seamless integration with these systems, which eliminates duplication and increases organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

We Have the Solutions You Need

Sage 300

Don’t limit your company’s potential with rigid, expensive big business software or feature-lacking small business solutions. Get freedom of choice with Sage 300 ERP. Gain the upper hand on your competition with comprehensive supply chain, order fulfillment, and inventory management that is effective and efficient. From one end of your business to the other, Sage 300 ERP automates key processes to help your business lower costs, reduce returns, and improve the customer loyalty.

Expand & Enhance the Functionality of Your Sage Software

We offer a number of accounting software solutions that dovetail perfectly with your Sage software and address your most pressing needs.

Paperless Document Management

Sage ERP Document Management (by Altec).

Sage ERP Document Management Suite electronically captures document, streamlines business processes using workflow, automates the routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports and forms and provides instant retrieval from the desktop or web.

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Check Printing


Print checks as you normally would in Sage, but select PrintBoss as your printer driver. PrintBoss will pair every company coming from Sage with the correct bank information and send it to any printer you want. PrintBoss will even print your Sage documents from separate printer trays for color coding.
Integrates with: Sage 300, Sage 100 Contractor, and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software.

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Service Management

Service Manager by Technisoft

Service Manager is fully integrated to the Sage Accpac ERP accounting suite providing true accountability from a central point to help you manage the resources, products and services your business offers. Communicate with your employees or customers from anywhere day or night using wireless PDA, mobile/cell Phone or Notebook technologies, or via the internet in order to save time. Lower expenses, monitor profitability, increase productivity and most importantly, improve customer service and satisfaction.

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Warehouse Operations

ACCU-DART Bar Coding

ACCU-DART is a real-time inventory control solution, designed to integrate directly with Sage 300 ERP software. Using radio-frequency scanners, ACCU-DART allows the warehouse staff to instantly and easily update the ERP system, ensuring that all users throughout the organization have the most up-to-date information.

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MISys Manufacturing for Sage 300 ERP

For manufacturing companies of small and medium sizes, MISys Manufacturing is a complete solution that encompasses production planning, scheduling, component and materials purchasing, and manufacturing operations. The system is comprised of modules that can be added on an as-needed basis, starting with basic manufacturing as a core component. Additional modules include advanced purchasing, advanced production, material requirements planning, shop floor controls, and modules for tracking serial and lots, bins, and labor.

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