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United Solutions offers best-in-class platforms built for your business.

Find a solution. United Solutions offers best-in-class platforms built for your business.

Let Us Help You Find a Solution

We understand that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. We can help you find the right Sage software solution for your specific industry and business needs. Our innovative software solutions will give you the freedom to plan more efficiently, budget more effectively and achieve the scalability necessary for protecting and growing your investment.

General Contractors

Working with general contractors responsible for building today’s best projects is a sweet spot for United Solutions. Our solutions will help you address your accounting issues with ease, while delivering best-in-class project management tools. In addition, integrated solutions are available to add functionality and enhance your Sage software solution.


United Solutions offers software solutions designed to manage the intricacies of multiple funding sources and private-public partnerships ensuring that projects meet critical deadlines and experience minimal disruption to public roadways and infrastructure. Mission-critical deadlines are met, all with the common goal of protecting & improving the public’s investment.

Specialty & Service Contractors

Contractor and Specialty trades have a lot more on their plates than just invoicing clients.  When faced with multiple projects for different clients spread far and near, having the right software can take the guesswork out of profitability. We offer solutions that combine reliable job forecasting, client tracking and budgeting tools all in one platform.

Distribution & Manufacturing

In wholesale distribution, each vertical market has different components with a different set of challenges. Disjointed processes can impede your ability to serve your clients quickly and accurately. Our software can help you make better business decisions and provide a superior level of customer service that sets your company apart.

Residential Builders

Time is crucial for residential home builders and re-modelers. You need to highlight problems and trends, coordinate service, and improve communication with customers and vendors. With industry-leading software designed for home builders, you can manage these inevitable difficulties efficiently and professionally.

Real Estate Managers & Developers

Property management isn’t just about buildings and tenants – it consists of leasing contracts, service agreements, maintenance programs, improvement projects and more. Our software solutions can help maximize net income and effectively manage all of the tasks that come with overseeing your portfolio.

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