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Time Capture and Daily Logs for Sage 300 CRE from hh2 Cloud Services

hh2 Remote Payroll integrates seamlessly with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. This ensures that Employees, Jobs, Cost Codes, GL Accounts, Departments, Pay ID’s and other accounting data is always there when you need it and time is imported effortlessly- hh2 Field Reports provides the freedom to move around your construction sites while accurately detailing the activities that occur on-site. Managers can utilize the web or apps built for iOS and Android to submit their daily logs, making the information available instantly for those back in the office. hh2 Field Reports syncs with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage 100 Contractor and integrates with hh2 Remote Payroll.

Transform the Way You Plan, Budget & Forecast with Prophix for Sage 300 CRE

As the market leader in end-to-end construction and property management software, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate delivers an innovative solution helping construction companies run their business. Collaborating with Prophix, Sage customers gain greater visibility and control of their financials to better manage resources and make more informed decisions. Expanding beyond their ERP capabilities with real-time visibility into the health of projects and streamlined critical processes. With the power of Sage 300 CRE & Prophix combined you can:
– Centralize SAGE data with Project Management, Estimation and CRM for once source of truth
– Easily forecast cashflows, resources and backlog by job
– Stay on top of key KPIs like margin fade, job borrow, and days of cash
– Create interactive Reports (WIP, Financial, Labor, etc.) with self service analysis
– Take ownership of analysis and reporting with an easy to use interface

High Value Cloud-Based Project Management with RedTeam

RedTeam manages all project management functionality from beginning to end. Drag and drop all plans & specifications into RedTeam’s Optical Character Recognition tool for stress-free plan management. Issue addendums and manage the latest version of all drawings. Use the submittal workflow to track all stages of your submittal process. Manage your milestones and tasks with RedTeam’s Gantt Schedule. Handle all document control with RedTeam’s Dialog, including RFI’s, meeting minutes and agendas.

Enhance your Sage/Excel Reporting with Sage Office Connector!

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Office Connector is a series of applications that automatically connects your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data to Excel. This solution can save you hours of time on reporting and analysis tasks using Excel. Best of all, Office Connector is easy to learn and use and comes with a number of prebuilt queries getting you up and. running immediately. The Office Connector series consists of three separate products that allow you to query, report, and move data back and forth between Microsoft Excel and Sage 300 CRE:

Sage 300 Office Connector Query—Automatically retrieves data from Sage 300 for analysis and data manipulation using familiar Excel reports, worksheets, graphs, and more.

Sage 300 Office Connector Write—Maps data from your Excel worksheets and forms to corresponding writable fields within Sage 300.

Sage 300 Office Connector Import—Quickly saves Excel worksheets in formats that can be imported into Sage 300. These innovative solutions will transform the way you work with your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data, expanding your analysis and reporting options through a familiar set of tools.

Liberty Reports for Sage 100 Contractor

Liberty Reports for Sage 100 Contractor is the latest generation of Event 1 Software’s award winning Excel-based reporting technology. Use it to generate reports with your business data by transforming Excel into a powerful and intuitive reporting engine. Using the Liberty Reports add-in, Excel becomes the environment in which you design and run your business reports. Use your existing Excel skills to produce highly effective and interactive results including: – Business intelligence reports
– Management reports
– Exception reports
– Auditing tools
and much more!

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