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Manage your projects with the award winning cloud-based solution PROCORE

Connect your accounting and project management within Procore and provide field teams untethered access to financial data. Procore is a comprehensive cloud-based construction project management platform with an out-of-the-box integration with Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor. You can save time and labor with streamlining the approval process of commitments and change orders, no double entry of data and the ability communicate more efficiently between accounting and project management.

Turn your AP Department into a Revenue Generator

We’ve constructed an easier payment solution! Generate cash rebate, and get rid of physical checks with Comdata’s virtual card for Sage AP tool. United Solutions Group is happy to announce our partnership with Comdata and we believe this will totally revolutionize your AP department.

TimberScan’s Core Cloud System for Sage 100 Contractor

Core Cloud Systems (CCS): Quickly develop and deploy forms and applications for your business, streamlining both accounting and operations while syncing with TimberScan 100 and your Sage 100 Contractor system. Core Cloud Systems (CCS) brings your projects’ material and personnel expense data together with the approval processing ease of TimberScan for superior control. Cloud-based solutions that enable mobile access from the field, PLUS from wherever your back-office happens to be. . . ? YES! CCS is the preferred way to enjoy one-time entry of project data that connects—from anywhere— to your other business applications. Whether you’re a general contractor, builder, property management company, or another business operating with complex project and expense data, you can rely on CCS for accurate, streamlined processing and trusted document management.

Sage MyAssistant

MyAssistant automatically generates reports, spreadsheets, documents, and email alerts—and distributes this critical information into the hands of those who need it, helping monitor and manage all phases of a project or property.

Enhance your Sage / Excel Reporting with Sage Office Connector!

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Office Connector is a series of applications that automatically connects your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data to Excel. This solution can save you hours of time on reporting and analysis tasks using Excel. Best of all, Office Connector is easy to learn and use and comes with a number of prebuilt queries getting you up and. running immediately. – The Office Connector series consists of three separate products that allow you to query, report, and move data back and forth between Microsoft Excel and Sage 300 CRE:

Sage 300 Office Connector Query—Automatically retrieves data from Sage 300 for analysis and data manipulation using familiar Excel reports, worksheets, graphs, and more.

Sage 300 Office Connector Write—Maps data from your Excel worksheets and forms to corresponding writable fields within Sage 300.

Sage 300 Office Connector Import—Quickly saves Excel worksheets in formats that can be imported into Sage 300.

These innovative solutions will transform the way you work with your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data, expanding your analysis and reporting options through a familiar set of tools.

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