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Innovative payment solutions

The smarter way to pay
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Corpay (formerly Comdata)

Corpay is redefining the movement of money and information through innovative payment solutions. Corpay is a worldwide comprehensive payments provider for businesses of all sizes. Their card and payment automation solutions create efficiency and cost-savings, while their cross-border payments and currency risk management solutions empower your organization to leverage opportunities across the globe.



Reduce Costs


Spending Controls


Streamline the Payment Process


Simplified Expense Tracking


Improve Cash Flow


ROI with Rebate Generation

Since its founding in 1969, Comdata has been completely dedicated to payment innovation. Because they develop technology, issue credit cards, process transactions and own a proprietary payment network, they are able to deliver better payment solutions than its competitors. From the time they sign a contract, and throughout the life of our relationship, you will have a dedicated team working with you to ensure you get the maximum value out of your payment program.

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